Sophie Hannah Walker

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contemporary art and design

Sophie Walker is a mixed media artist, using photography, painting, print and stitch as the basis for her work.


"My work is informed by pattern, geometry and the fantastical. I love to make art that catches the light and changes expression at different times of the day. I study the positive effect of creativity on wellbeing."

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Attentive Art is a range of art kits to promote wellbeing through creativity. Each Art Kit contains ingredients for a mindful making experience, including a CD created by my husband Jonson. Find out more at You can choose from a range of colours in our shop.

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Luscious Lavender

My studio is smelling fabulous at the moment as I've made lavender sachets from hand painted fabric then embroidered them with iridescent sequins and beads. They make great Christmas presents!

You'll them in my shop. X

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This piece is called Love. I used emulsion on blackout curtain with petals and feathers, hand stitched with tiny iridescent beads. It is 134cm wide and 160cm high. There is more information on it here in my shop.  Prints are also available.