Sophie Hannah Walker

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mixed media artist

I make a variety of works using techniques learned from my training in art, design and photography at Croydon Art College and from my BA (Hons) in Fashion Design from the University of Brighton, in which I specialised in printed textiles. Since graduating in 1999 I have continued to explore and refine my practice. There is frequently an overlap in my work; stitch and embroidery appear on paintings and photographic prints find their way onto my textiles. Photographs are often manipulated until they resemble a print.  I enjoy the freedom of this interdisciplinary approach and the exciting results it can often produce. Conversely though, I also appreciate the simplicity of a line drawing or the interesting imperfections of an unadulterated photograph.

I have recently been exploring the concept of art as meditation; using music to guide me through a creative process which unfolds as my attention is on what I am doing and my mind is quietened.


This came about as I questioned my own energies and ways of working. I completed a course in Psychology and Mental Health through Liverpool University and I continue to look at creativity in the context of psychology. I have developed a way of making my embellished canvases which I find very therapeutic: I call it 'Attentive Art'.

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The Triton Gallery, Sledmere Estate, East Yorkshire